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General Information

Tarrant, incorporated in 1918, began with a city as industry as its center and reason for being. Now 87 years later, industry continues to be the lifeblood of the city, spawning numerous residential and commercial opportunities for its citizens. Because of its heritage, Tarrant has developed all the necessary ingredients for industry to thrive. Among those include easy rail access, close proximity to major interstates and highways, nearness to a major airport, a solid and experienced labor force, a wide range of housing, land availability, all major utilities, and progressive leadership.

Though independent, Tarrant is an integral part of Alabama's largest metropolitan area. Consequently, the over 7,000 people of Tarrant enjoy the many attributes of both a small city and larger cosmopolitan area. The area has a balanced economy providing a strong manufacturing base as well as an emergent service center. Medical research and healthcare are now the employment anchors of the metropolitan area. The metropolitan area of nearly one million people offers an abundance of cultural arts, major sporting events and opportunities to explore almost any endeavor. One of the intangible benefits of living and working in Tarrant that is special, however, is the close knit feeling of the people. This quality is cultivated throughout the city by getting things done on a cooperative basis. Citizens, merchants, elected officials, and industrialists are often on a first name basis. Education and religion are important in Tarrant with numerous civic organizations, churches and an independent school system all working together for the betterment of the city. The result is evident after even the slightest investigation.



The City of Tarrant operates under a Mayor/Council form of government with a complete administrative staff. The city provides the essential services expected of a progressive municipality with a fully staffed Police Department and a Full Time Fire and Rescue Service.

The Tarrant Fire and Rescue Department is honored to have a fire protection rating of Class 2 from the Insurance Service Organization. The Fire and Rescue Service provides full Advanced Life Support services for its citizens. The department has several licensed Paramedics within its ranks.

The city has a sports complex that includes ball fields, nature trail, picnicing, and concessions. Other recreational services such as tennis courts are available as well. The library service is active in the city, as is the Beautification Board and Planning Commission. An  updated zoning ordinance is in place and enforced. Tarrant also provides regular garbage service to residents and small businesses at no additional charge.

One of the major advantages of being in Tarrant is the lower than average cost for electrical power. The city's Electric Department supplies power via the Tennessee Valley Authority and boasts better than average supply and service that has for years been consistently lower than the norm.

Natural Gas is readily available from Alabama Gas Corporation. Telecommunication is provided by South Central Bell. Water is in ample quantity and supplied by the Water Works Board of the City of Birmingham. Industrial water is also easily accessible in Tarrant from a major water main transversing the city and administered by the Industrial Water Board of Birmingham.



An industry in Tarrant has easy access to all the modes of transportation. The major East/West Interstate 20/59 is within one mile and the major North/South Interstate 65 is just over four miles from Tarrant. State Highway 79 runs through the city and is called Pinson Valley Parkway in Tarrant. Alabama Highway 75 connects to Highway 79 just North of Tarrant, both highways penetrating Northeast Alabama.

Railroads have always been the backbone of the Tarrant industrial center with CSX and Southern Railroad serving the area. Piggyback service is available.

The Birmingham Municipal Airport is adjacent to the city. A fixed base operation and hangar space is also available.


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